Sunday, October 30, 2005

Experiences in Context.

I was just reflecting on this, and I would like to say something in a non-judgemental and non-bias away.

Well, this is particularly, because a classmate of mine had stated that she disagreed with what I had written in a childhood editorial.

I feel that each educator has a valid reason for how they see things. This in particular, owes to that particular point of time, where they come from, and the educational and cultural settings that they are in.

Each educator has experiences that they reflect and learn from, unique in their own individual manner, and no one else has the right to discredit it.

I say this, because when I was in class the other day, I was reflecting on some issues. Personally, I feel that it is not appropriate for an educator to judge another educator on what they think is the best practice for how they would like to teach children. An outright lambasting, without any thought of discussing an issue out or concrete thought to put an issue into perspective, is really an accusation that does not hold water, therefore, is not worthy of any time wasted to think about it.

Just as two chinese families, who may be brothers, if one brother decides to bring their family up in a different manner, and the other brother in a dis-similar manner, neither has the right to interfere in each other's family unless permission was sought and given.

In a similar manner, I would not like my parents, nor my brother to interfere with how I bring my children up, because there are values and practices which I would like to instil in my children, and I would not want anyone else except my spouse to be part of it. I may not agree with the way my father brought me up, but that does not mean I would agree to him interfering in the way I discipline my own children.

Of course, the fact that I put my research and thoughts on paper and publish it, means that, there would be people who may not agree to it.

Now, that is where and why I should be prepared in my mind to make my own defence should such occurences take place.

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