Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Assignment in Brookvale again.

Today I went to do a four hour shift at this centre in Brookvale. It was the same one I visited about two weeks back.

This time I was sent to the babies room. It wasnt the hardest of routines, but you basically fed the babies, made sure the older toddlers sat up and ate their lunches, wiped off their hands and shirts, and played with them. It reminded me a lot of Baby Hannah, who is my friend's nine month old baby who l live with

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Two ECT job interviews today

Montessori Preschool 1:
So I just finished an interview at a privately owned Montessori preschool on the Newcastle line.

I dont think the boss is willing to pay much coz he flinched when I told him of my previous pay rate. He also insists on not bringing in agency staff.

I was surprised to find out that I was to be interviewed by the Director's husband. He said that if I wanted to find out if I were going to be a fit for the school, I should come in for a voluntary basis (meaning unpaid) for about a week at the school to observe
the school.

Ok, you know what, I am not too keen to do that. You can reserve that position for someone else.

2) Montessori Care Centre in CBD-

This centre is located right in the middle of the CBD.

This is a very interesting interview with two different ladies, one being the owner, and another the supervisor.

I was interviewed more on the Montessori ideologies, and differences between play based curriculum and Montessori.

This centre opens from 7 am to 7 pm. Very long hours indeed, but I do believe they do not have that much cleaning work or outdoor play set up.

What I like about this centre is the employers are willing to sponsor foreign qualified staff, which speaks volume on what they are willing to keep good staff.

Stay tuned.

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