Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't give up.

Let us do it step by step,
Do not worry if it's wrong,

Easy or difficult,
It does not matter at all.

Try again, Try harder,

Don't give up,
Take your time.

We can always try again,

Do not worry if it's wrong,

Easy or difficult,

Until we have done it right.

Try again, Try harder,

Don't give up, Take your time.

By Malaysian ECE Songwriter: Victor Tan.

I was reflecting upon this today.

What do you think?

I feel that a lot of Chinese parents (or Asian parents) expect their children to get it right the first time, and failing the first time is very shameful indeed.
Second chance, is probably not a term found in our "culture".

But isn't persistency what drove Thomas Alva Edison to invent the light bulb?

Just because a person may not do well academically does not mean that they will forever be failures.

Just because a student may not excel well mathematically does not mean that they will not excel in other academic areas.

I feel that this drive may have even crept through down to preschool level.

However, If a student fails due to mere laziness, they deserve to be reprimanded. SEVERELY.

New parents are, and tend to be very idealistic about what their children can achieve.
But few years down the line, REALITY normally hits them.

Once they see their own children having a stress breakdown due to undue pressure, they will normally back down from pressuring their children too much.

However, that does not mean that they can't hope, ya know!

The reason I say that, is because when I was younger, I had many friends who think that the only they could gain their parents affections is through excelling academically. I feel that it is a very unhealthy practice, as these friends of mine had low self esteem, until at least they reached college.

I have friends, who are pitted against their own siblings, and the amount of affection they get varies depending on how well they excel academically.

You can imagine how they felt

This extends even to my own family lar....

I survived. But the journey down that route was a long, tough one.

Sometimes parents do not understand that giving too much affection to one child will be detrimental and have adverse reactions in other members of the family. But I think that new parents, perhaps, are getting more educated on it these days.

One thing I can say, no matter how badly my children (when I do have kids!) did academically, I would still accept and love them for they are, but at the same time, will keep on encouraging and motivate them to perform their best. That should be the way.

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