Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Relanguaging someone's words

Today's The Star:Classifieds(Central-Malaysia) has a short section on 'Relanguaging'.

Many people are put off by another person's negativity, but no one corrects them.

Relanguaging is the 'reconditioning' or replacing of negative words into positive ones.

Examples of words include blame words i.e. 'he started it', 'I will try', but, etc.

Ways of Relanguaging:
Making the person aware with a statement like, 'I notice that you've used the word... A few times.''
Another is to ask for a change of word, for example , 'Can you change this word to something more positive?'
Another way is to repeat someone's words; like ' if they said I don't know', then ask in return 'dont know?' (I use that a lot!)

The article is contributed by Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Prevention of Allergies

It may not be less common in Asia, but the incidents of children in Australia with allergies is actually increasing.

In the childcare centre where I was working, we had children with all kinds of allergies and conditions.

Before heading to Australia, I did not hear of milk allergy or lactose intolerance, much less peanut, or shellfish allergies.

It was only in Australia, that I realised I had a condition commonly known as milk allergy.

Whenever I had more than a small serve of cappucino (Yes, the italian drink!), I realised I ended up getting a sore stomach and always had to go to the toilet, which last for almost a few hours, and sometimes a day. This is a common condition in many yellow skinned Asians as well, it seems.

Apparently a many Caucasians have peanut allergy, which is not a common condition in many yellow skinned Asians (i.e Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans) as peanut is an essential and common ingredient in our daily diet.

I also found out that in my family genetics, asthma and ezcema is also a common condition in my mother's side of the family. But because my father has strong genes, it has cut down the incidence of this condition, where both my brother and I do not have this condition.

However, it has turned out that many of my cousins though suffered from asthma and ezcema.

The link below explains ways to prevent allergies

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