Thursday, April 14, 2011

Calling in Sick.

So I finally called in sick for the first time since I started in this current day care centre.
I was going to call in at 6:30am but surprisingly, my ex housemate's phone decided to go on a morning call wake up at 5:30am! Siao!

Anyways, to let you on into the full story...

I came in for work on Wednesday, and halfway through the morning, my head suddenly decided to feel heavy and hot. I started to have spasms.

My Coordinator thought it was best I went home. But not before having a short discussion with me as the Nursery was having Accreditation next week...

Having never been sick before, it was a bit of a shock for me too...

I caught a train to head to my ex housemate's place in the city, as my current place in Narwee was being fumigated.. My landlady told me it was best I find something else to do....

Hence I ended up staying in Jo's place for the night. She asked me if I was going to call in sick the next day.

Call me 'paranoid' or whatever, I'm the type who goes to work everyday and never gets sick, nor applies for sick leave. But once I get sick, it can last up to 5 weeks the longest!

I called the boss early in the morning, and she decided to play hardball by insisting I should see the doctor today.. *ahem*.. But she still gave me the day off.

As I was already sick at work, most of the staff would have been 'mentally prepared', or at least the one who was supposed to take of early today would know that they had to stay back later with a reworking of rosters due to absences.

Well, I did eventually go and see the doctor neways, and he gave me a medical chit for three days off! (Not that my boss may give me neways!)

I had looked pretty sick before seeing the doctor as I didn't take any medicine before seeing him. Paracetamol would act as a 'buffer' hence covering any possible symptoms which would be important for the doctor to check/notice/observe in regards to my illness that I had.

So today I'm back in the silence and rest of my own home, as there was way too much stimulation at Jo's place to keep my mind rested for a sick girl. Heh...

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Maori show in April.

So its a lovely sunny day today. A bit of a breeze, and we had a maori one man show at preschool this morning.

Apparently the centre brings the maori show in twice a year, once in spring, and once in autumn.

The Coordinator brought her 2.5 year old grandson, K. to watch the show. He ended up staying all morning, first maybe an hour at the nursery, then 40 minutes at the maori show.

He then went off to play on his own amongst the other children when they went outdoors. K was really a pioneer of his own. No crying or tears of sorts was seen!

After which, the Coordinator sat beside K. as he had his lunch in the preschool room...

I really love the Coordinator, but having her grandson on board is another kettle of fish...

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