Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I know I said I wouldn't write anything, but this is something worth writing down! Well, the kindergarten was interviewed for TV! I was picked to be interviewed.

*well, for obvious reasons, which I shall not make known!*

The programme is a special one for Children's Day, and will be aired one of these Saturdays for it. My interviewer will inform me when it will be broadcasted!

Imagine that, on real life tv!

Ok, I am sorry, but still, I can't reveal the name of the kindergarten, as this would invade the privacy of the children. Much as I would like to give the school some media publicity, at the same time, I would like to remain impartial and professional with my work, notably those the children whose observation I am noting, and I do not want people to think that I am promoting only my kindergarten just because it carries the name Montessori.

I was informed this morning and had to drive off early in the morning to one of the other centres, so I couldn't stay in my base centre this morning. Obviously, I had to change to a more suitable attire accomodate the shooting. The interview took place in Malay.

Well since our school just had their school concert recently, one of the 5 year old classes presented their Alley Cat dance song and the videographer just took it all in. They then went to each class to shoot each class.

I was working in this class, (3-4 year olds). The teacher wanted to present the Number Rods to the children, so I worked on this small group of children with it. I think the children were more interested in the Rods than the videocam. It was interesting to note that the children didn't show any self consciousness. They must have got immune to it to the amount of photography that took place during the concert, with practically all the parents having one.

We did a pre-recording practice where the person who interviewed me gave me the questions first and we did a practice. The interviewer said that the video would be edited at the studio, so even if I did make any mistakes, the viewers wouldn't know!

They mostly asked me stuff about the school and some questions ( like what DZOF interviewed me for our blogger meet up at MidValley, which was in English instead). I must have got practice from there, heh? ;-)

Will tell you more later when I hear from them!

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