Monday, October 03, 2005

No playing with your food (or plates for that matter!)

During break time, some of the children had a bad habit of taking the bowls and either twirling it around with their fingers or putting it on their heads. My colleague, LY was in a fix over it. So before having our break today, I told the children that I had observed some of them doing it. So I told them a nice little story on how unhealthy it was to do that.

I told them that the hair has a lot of dead skin, bacteria and many other extra things, and if they put the food into it, (after putting it on their heads), all the bacteria will go into food and back into the stomach, and "choong-choong" or worms will grow in it and they wouldn’t like it if they got a bad tummy! (which is true anyway!)

I also told them that the plate was not a toy plate for playing, and if they want that, it would have to be toy plates specially meant for that purpose.

The story seemed to work, as none of them played with the bowl after that!

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