Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Volunteer work debrief

It's been a while since I have written here... and there's been much that has gone through in the past couple of weeks, which I shall touch on briefly.

I just came from the school (I didn't debrief in the past 2 weeks before this). Today is the last week of school before their holidays. the university is currently having their 2-week holidays, so I am coming in during my hols (lol).

Anyways, the past couple of weeks, I have observed how the teacher worked with the children on their modelled writing and their shared writing. The class is currently doing a unit on fairy tales. Last week, the teacher modelled to them how to write a letter to their a character of the fairy tale of their choice, and they had to choose a character to be. The activity requires the children to roleplay characters, and also had an indepth understanding of the story in order to be able to do that. The students who had difficulty would go to the bookshelf to take the respective storybooks to re-read and get some ideas from there.

All this while, I have only done reading with one literacy group. So today, I realised that the students worked in
rotations for their literacy group. For the students who were not reading, they were given other literacy work.

On Friday, which is Pupil-Free day, the teachers are going for some kind of professional teacher training workshop. My lecturers in class said that if there is an opportunity to observe a Reading Recovery class in session, it is an excellent opportunity to observe the strategies used in place to aid the students who had difficulty reading.

For the sem after the break, the children will be moving on to another unit, which is either MemFox or diversity in Australia. Anyways, after the break, the teacher told me that I could go and help out in another Year 3 class, as it would enable me to watch another class in action and see a more holistic picture of the education system in place.

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