Monday, October 03, 2005

Our 10th Annual Graduation & Concert!

On Saturday, the kindergarten had its 10th Annual Graduation & Concert at a Golf & Country Club Resort nearby. Three schools participated, with almost 100 over children graduating, clad in their black mortar boards and gowns.

It took me forever to find a proper attire to dress as the M.C for that day. I probably took an hour before I could come up with the most suitable one. It was a nice maroon purplish reddish suit. Just lovely! I have lovely pictures from the event, but I will post them up later, ya? The suit even matched my hair, which I has recently just cropped. Very matching!

The ceremony started at 10pm and ended at 1pm. But teachers and parents arrived as early as 8.30am onwards. Praise God for the event took place without any glitches.

The children had really practised weeks and weeks for their dance items, and finally it is over! What a total relief! I had rallied my friends to pray for the entire event, and my friends were all sending well wishes and text messages to encourage me for the event!

After the event, the entire academic and administration staff took a group photograph and adjourned for a high tea tete-a-tete session at the clubhouse below. (BTW, the food sucked! One of the worst buffets I have ever had in my entire life!!)

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