Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mathematics: A Large Number Card experience.

After presenting the Touch Boards 2 to the children, I worked on the letters of the sound with the children. I asked them to guess the sounds and letters of the corresponding objects on the pictures given on these flash cards. The flash cards are used in conjunction with the reading texts the children are working with in class.

As the names of the objects were printed behind the cards, all I had to do was to turn the cards so that the children could check if they had got the sounds correct!

The children were so happy! Then after, we sang a song in relation to each picture flashed.

Today, before distributing the plates out, I asked the children if they could remember what I had told them day before. The children could tell me that putting plates on their heads were dirty and if they ate out of it, "choong-choong" (worms) could grow and give them a tummy ache!

After that, I went up to an elder class to work with on another lesson.
I presented Large Number Cards with an elder class. The cards were arranged from the units to the thousand cards (40 cards in total!), and the children could pick the correct cards when asked.

Sometimes I wonder if there is any use if children working with such large numbers?

I mean, they would not really use (unless I really saw them working with it!). The children had previously worked with the Golden Beads materials, so quite a number of them could tell me the names of it straight away (but referring to it by way of 1000 squares, although it was a written symbol).

Hei, at least this tells me that the children remember something from their previous lesson! It is not gone to waste, nonetheless!


shoppingmum said...

It's my first time visiting this blog, got the link from Mom's Daily. I'm working in nursery too, but it's very new.
I can totally relate to the thrill you mentioned when seeing the children remembered the things they've learnt. It's a satisfying experience.

CheaYee said...

shoppingmum:How long have you been working at the nursery?

It is always thrilling when we know that our work has made a difference in someone's life...
That kinds of motivates us to go on with it.


kinder/caring said...

I agree...we're working on sound/letter relationships with my daughter and am always thrilled when she spontaneously connects the two on her own.

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