Friday, October 02, 2009

Malaysia: Free 30 Mins Pre-Natal Massage@ Soul Nibanna review

Are you currently a pregnant mother who is already in her 5th month of pregnancy? Hankering for someone to just rub those aching shoulders of yours, i.e. getting a complimentary 30 minutes massage in the ambience of a spa?

Well look no further. As I was surfing through the world wide web, I found this blog review from Eat N Play about the Soul Nibanna spa in SS2, Petaling Jaya.  

Eat N Play has included a lot of glossy pictures of the spa, so we can have a peek at what's inside Soul Nibanna. According to Eat N Play, Soul Nibanna is currently having the complimentary 30 minutes pre-natal massage promotion for all pregnant women. As my blog is related to parenting as well as early childhood, I thought it appropriate to add the link to the review here.

The first 4-5 months are considered the few months that mothers are not to over-stress their bodies, but it is normally considered safe by the 5th month. According to Eat N Play, the owner of the spa states that
Prenatal Massage will help to reduce stress and also promotes relaxation to pregnant women and there are lots of other benefits such as relieving muscles spasms, cramps and pains; increasing blood circulation; relieving anxiety and depression; improving labor outcome and eases labor pain.
So, for 5 -9 months pregnant ladies, do check out Eat N Play's review if you want to procure the complimentary 30 minutes pre-natal massage!

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