Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Workplace Politics: Some Solutions To It.

Here are some links I found on the Internet in regards to Winning at Workplace Politics.

How to Win at Workplace Politics: Link

Two Gossipy Queen Bees Rule: Link

The Calm Before The Storm? >_<

The last two days has been strangely serene at work. Granted, it made going to work much better.
I was involved in a conflict with a much younger colleague, which thankfully managed to be resolved.
This particular colleague wanted to involve the Director in the conflict, but wisely, the latter decided to stay out of it.
In the course of looking for a solution to resolving the issue, I had a feeling that CT had the thought cross through her mind that perhaps she should have kept her mouth shut in not having brought it to the attention of the Director, as she had to then write up a nice long note on it to be presented to the latter. Hah!
The conflict actually led to better things, which I did not foresee would happen in that manner. Heh... ^^
This colleague, CT, actually began to open up, and display a bit more tolerance in our interactions.
I'll be praying for more godly intervention till I am sure that the storms have passed. One can never remain too self assured, as that leads only to trouble!
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Monday, October 25, 2010

More Things To Come >_<

So I spoke to the Coordinator today. She did raise her voice, etc etc and became cross, but she calmed down rather quickly.

I also informed her about my situation, which she brought up in the meeting, thankfully.
However I must say that the staff will always protect their own clique.

I know what they said, and I can attest to it, but when two parties team together, how does one resolve that issue?

Well, anyways, one of the teachers in the Montessori classroom will be going away till after Christmas.

Hence for the mean time, the Director has decided to 'temporarily' shift my position to helping out in the classroom till another staff person is made available. I am not sure which, or how. >_<

I am not sure how a solution to that scenario will be made as I currently have my hands full with just the Accreditation programming. >_<

Let's just hope everything works out for the best.

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When Ignorance Is Bliss.

So my weekend went like the blink of an eye.

The fact that I am posting this from my mobile phone points to my lack of blogging time at home.

One of the Assistants were away, so the rest of the other Assistants had to stay back for the whole day two weeks in a row.

Having been through it, the only word to describe it is 'exhausting.'

Been in possession of a Melancholic temperament, the only thing I fret about was the completion of my paperwork.

Due to lack of time, and sheer exhaustion, my brain has been on a high dopamine state of mind for the past weekend. My body is physically present, but my mind wasn't.

Melancholics seem to thrive on using lists, and that includes completing every single (paid) task on the list!

Do we actually do that??? That really sounds scary...

How I wish I was a Sanguine... They thrive on more talk than paperwork.

Ah..... Ignorance is Truly Bliss.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Four Temperament Types: Article Links.

1) Use of Temperaments in Education: Link

2) The Melancholy Sanguine Personality: Link

3) The Melancholic Child: Link 

4) Temper, Temper, Temperament: Link 

5) The Four Temperaments: Link

An Interesting Anecdote Today.

So today we had a Maori show in our childcare centre. The children from my classroom was squished over to the other pre-school room, hence we had too many staff in one classroom.

Anyways, here is an interesting anecdote that happened with one of the children today.

I am normally not in the other pre-school classroom, but the children are 'fairly' acquainted with me as they see me throughout the day and out in the playground.

When I went into their classroom the morning, one of the girls, C* was so surprised to see me standing there that she gave me a surprised and shocked expression.

C* said to me in Cantonese, "go away, go away. I don't want you here". So I went like, "okay" and then walked over to her classroom teacher, G to tell her what happened.

The teacher, G was very surprised to hear that, and wanted to see that happen again. LOL. I told J that she speaks Cantonese. The child is about four years old, and according to J, she was a sensitive child.

So I went again and stood beside C*, telling her that I was helping another child with her work.

C* was looking sideways and kept pushing her tray further to the left side, until I walked away. To which she stopped and then sat down. J told me that C* kept giving me sideway looks though I was just standing there...

Now, isn't that the funniest thing? I am still not sure how to  make of this interesting anecdote.

Driving me Crazy.

Ok, the assistants are going to drive me crazy with their insistence on the cleaning.

They must all be Melancholics.. Not a single one of them possess a Sanguine temperament.

Say except, maybe Jessica.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Overcoming Difficulties.

I have come to that point and stage where I finally have to initiate and make contact proper with not just children or staff, but parents as well.

This is the beginning of my 8th week, and there are more new responsibilities each week.

It is one thing to write the programming, especially when your work will only be assessed by accreditation, but not parents when you are not considered the 'main teacher'.

My mate says starting from the position of an assistant is a good way of winging it, and gaining experience, but at the same time being paid a professional's wages. Well, we shall see.

Sometimes there are difficulties that we find hard to overcome. Taking the first step to overcome it is really the hardest part initially, but that is it...

Getting started.

I pray the Lord will use my weaknesses, and transform them into strengths, that all who see will marvel and know that it is the work of the Lord. Amen.

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