Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas 2009: Pre-Casual Childcare Employee Leave procedures

Hi readers....

It has been a while since I wrote. As from the last entry (which has been a while!), my 485 Subclass visa has been granted! Yes, it took them 8 months to grant me my Temporary Residence visa! Anyways, I have since launched my 885 Permanent Residence visa application, so all is good.

For the next few months or so, I will be in South Korea for the 4 weeks (Seoul- Gyeongju-Busan), of which one week will be spent in Japan (traversing to Hakata & Tokyo by ferry and return). After which, the next and final destination will be Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for an indefinite period of time.

My quiet summers have been spent reading up on the Korean language and culture (necessary being my main destination), and possibly some Japanese phrases (for survival purposes being the least!). All my belongings have since been packed, pending their move to the relevant destinations. So YES, this will be my final week in Sydney!

My employers have been notified of my absence and change of address, and all is good. In all, regardless, if ever I wanted to work in Australia again, all I had to do was to just inform them of my relocation and I will be sent out again on shifts, minus the background checks and all the initial application process which I had to do when I first applied for the job. Of course, if I were to relocate to Melbourne, I will have to apply for a police check as well as a non-voluntary Blue Card before I went out to work. Each state has its own regulations, so one has to always be ready and be-up-to-date.

So to my friendly and anticipating readers, wishing you an early Blessed Christmas and Happy 2009 New Year!

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