Saturday, October 08, 2005

Learning skills through music.

Next Friday, I will be having my Childhood Music & Movement course grading exam. Wish me the best ya!

One of the requirements for the exam is that students have to work together in a group playing percussions to two songs prepared by the lecturer as well as a group dance. Sometimes people think that being good at playing an instrument alone, or playing solo, is more than adequate.

However, to perform harmonious sounding notes & music, it requires that not only the person playing the instrument is skilled & knows what s/he is playing, but requires co-ordination and timing with the rest of the band/orchestra and that takes time, experience and skills as well.

Can you count how many skills those are??

This is something that we have to keep reminding ourselves. So, the next you see a band or the orchestra playing, remember how much effort and practice it took them to even put on that short (or long hours) of show!


Phat Culture said...

Hmm... you're a musician, huh?

I've learnt music before, so yup, I appreciate the skills of amazing musicians a lot. :D

CheaYee said...

hahah..not a really good one.

have still so much to learn, but really no time for that.
Was learning the organ for about 3-4 years, but am on hiatus on it.

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