Friday, September 16, 2005

Vygotsky: Theory in practice.

As most trained educators should know, and be trained in the knowledge of educationist theories, one among which is Vygotsky , who is a prominent figure in the intellectual/cognitive development of the child.

The assistance of someone more skilled/ trained/ knowledgable can help a person to perform better (or otherwise scaffold his learning to a higher ground) is the basis of the Zone of Proximal Development theory that he puts forth.

Yet, sometimes even as educators, we don't realise, or are not observant enough of the environment to even find opportunities to put this into practice. Today, the principal noticed that during the dance practice for the youngest class, the good dancers were paired with the other good ones, whereas the not so good dancers (meaning the children who were either in their own world or totally had no idea what was happening) were paired equally with such and like partners. She decided to switch the good dancers with the not so good dancers.

Well, if you want to say put Vygotsky's theory into practice, that is the way to do it lar! The good ones are fine by themselves, but how about those who absolutely have no idea what is happening around them? They would definitely need the assistance of someone who is more grounded in the steps.

Speaking of which, one can put such learning into practice in your own life. My parents have this thing about me to socialise with someone much more wiser, and well versed in life.

As the proverbs goes,
One who walks with wise men grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20.

You mix with fools, you become like them, just as iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27: 17 (KJV).

A good piece of advice for those who are looking for spouses. Find one that can uphold and account for each other's behaviour. As the price of wisdom is far more worth than rubies, (Proverbs 8:11), it is useless to find a rich man/ woman who has not wisdom, for in the long run, their foolishness will run them afoul!


blog-efl said...

Lots of food for thought here - I like your blog, and will be coming back to visit. Thanks for linking to mine.

CheaYee said...

graham: You are welcome!


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