Sunday, September 18, 2005

Montessori: Finally all my assignments in!

Whee... I finally handed in my MCI file today for Melanie to see.

After the hoo haa of the car problem, I was so totally incensed as it took up so much of my time. Anyway, I am quite relieved as Melanie would then be able to get back to me with feedback about my file work. I have about 230 hours of work to finish off & about 12 observations to complete before I am finally be rid of my Montessori International Diploma programme, and then just fully concentrate on my tertiary undergraduate studies!*Alright**!!!

Ya, if you want to know, I am currently doing my distance Australian tertiary undergraduate studies at a local Summit college in PJ, and concurrently completing the MCI internship as well. Have to multi-task..

What to do? All in a day's work and things we have to do to move up in life...

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