Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Tadika/Kindergarten Concert Rehearsal.

Today the kindergarten had its pre-concert rehearsal. Children from all three 3 different schools gathered together at a golf club near Sri Petaling. The teachers voted against a full dress rehearsal as it would take up a very long time for the children to change from and back into their school uniform. They only had about less than 3 hours to practise, and get back to their own respective schools.

I have been saddled with the responsibility of the Masters of Ceremony. *heh*. Yup, I have to prepare a long long speech and prepare all the lead ins and lead outs for the script. Something that requires more than just first level of creativity, and from what I can see, I would not be too happy with first level of creativity either!

The rehearsal went well & in good time! The children managed all their numbers in the short time allocated, and it was not chaotic. The past 10 years of experience has given both the principal and director experience in managing events, since both of the former and latter hail from an advertising background as well! The helpers had brought adequate refreshments for the children during the course of the rehearsal.

After the rehearsal ended, the children went back to their respective schools. One branch had a bus booked, as it needed to ferry the entire school, and it was quite far away from the golf club. The other & my branch was much nearer, so we relied much on parent support to help ferry the children back.In other words, car pool.

Petrol these days is not cheap, you know?

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