Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Archive (2005)

Past entries from my previous blog.

Preschool issues:

Status of preschool teachers (in Malaysia).

A successful preschool program.

Kindy classroom politics.

More politics, and politically correct roles.

The ADHD suspect.

Muscle Memory

Another Jonah Day!

There's more to music than meets the ears.

Beating children.

Creatures of habits.

Montessori entries:

Sound boxes Long Rods

Short bead cards- 11, 12, 13

Transferring buttons (using tongs)

Children in general:

The things children say!

April 27th

Children's *inane* memories!

And when they are up, they are up!

Kids doing adultlike work.

Issues in relation to education

A discourse on XiaXue's Cross-Cultural Observations

ESL across the Singaporean borders.

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