Friday, September 09, 2005

Managing the children's behaviour: Part 2

I would say that I was right.

It is not right to reprimand a child without explaining to the child the reasons for it. Let me explain the reasons why I state so.

This morning, the teacher in question had reprimanded the child again. Now, there are certain things a child can be reprimanded for. But in this case, I generally believe that what I had stated before this to be true indeed.
I indeed found it unfair for the child to be unfairly reprimanded without a just cause.

So later this morning, I brought in the child to the office be inspected and it was just as the administrator of the school suspected. The child's private areas were swelling. After discussing with the administrator, I called the mother of the child up. Lo & behold, the mother did not even realise this, as she had not seen the child doing this.
The mother then said that she would look into this when she got home later, and probably bring the child to see a doctor if it was a serious case.

In summary, I would say it is wise not to assume things just because you think you may be right. Always double check so that it is right or people will in the long run lose respect for you in your profession.

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