Monday, September 19, 2005

Learning through music.

As I was sending the children back today, I played a different song than from the usual.

But Jasper (the 3 year old) kept insisting that he wanted to hear the usual one played, and took out the tape from the glove compartment! And kept whining and whining and whining...lar.. *guess what I did lar??*

ChingWen (the 6 year old), was among the last 3 children I sent home, as they a class to attend.

Anyway, I played Mozart’s Eine Klein Nachtmusik. This was his response....

CW: How come there was no one singing but only music playing?
Me: Oh, those are just people playing music with the instruments. You know, the piano, violin and all that?
CW: Oh.... *Then later...* How come the music is so loud and then so soft?
Me: Oh, that is how the music is like...the music sounds nice like that *right*.
The person who played the music, his name is Mozart. He died many years ago, but people still like his music now, so they still play it.Maybe you could ask your dad who Mozart is. *emphasizing the word Mozart*.

Maybe he knows who he is..?

Eine Klein Nachtmusik was pretty repetitive, after a while, he managed to hear the main "part" of it and started to hum to it.

I observed this as I feel that a lot of children these days had never had any exposure to classical music. It is interesting to note their response. I remembered that the first time I heard classical music, Blue Danube. I totally fell in love with it!

Today is Photography Day.

The children were so not dressed for it! The children looked pretty messy so I had to call some (or most of them) to come to the washroom so I could neaten up their hair. There was no hair gel, but I used water, as it was only for a short while.Well, guess what?

After the photography session was our break time. The children seemed to have realised a new use for water!! Instead of just washing their hands, they had splashed their hair all over with water!!! What a neat way to use water, but so much trouble and messier it gets!

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