Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Children's curiosity about new cars.

My new car arrived on Friday. But my parents didn't allow me to drive it out and park it at the parking lot as they were paranoid that someone else would steal it and if they did, there was no one to see it..
Anyway, during the weekend, I didn't drive it out either, so the battery of the car died as a result. I am sure that is the reason, but I can hardly believe that a new car battery could die just because of that? I don't know??

Well, over the past one week, I was busy doing my assignments. I had two assignments to hand up on the same day, which was yesterday, Monday!! So busy that I couldn't be bothered with anything else and missed out on attending a wedding tea ceremony. Oh nevermind about that. If I failed the subject, I doubt they would pay me AU500 dollars and 3 months worth of time just to redo the entire subject. Thanks but no thanks!

After handing in the assignments yesterday evening, I had a caramel macchiato, but that didn't help! After dinner, I went to bed at 8.30pm and immediately konked out until I woke up this morning! Anyways, today as I was assembling the children to go and queue up and come home into the car, I accidentally called for Alyssa C. Now, Alyssa C is the name of Nicholas's sister

Nicholas: Are you looking for my sister? My sister is not here lar!!

Me: I am looking for Alyssa T, not Alyssa C.W.S lar......ah there she is....

To which Nicholas proceeded to laugh.. *kids!* *shakes head*

Everything also laugh. Everything also so funny!

The children got their first taste of the new car...My , weren't they excited about it?? You can just imagine it.
Jasper and Nicholas who were sitting in front beside me were so excited about it. Nicholas opened the glove compartment and looked through practically everything in it. Jasper was looking at all the dials and touching everything in sight.....

Well the thing is, children are very much like adults and are curious about new gadgets & toys. Especially new ones!The only difference is that adults are well mannered enough to not touch anything but merely just look,

But inside are dying of curiousity to touch everything, am I not right?? *Say yes, say yes!*

Well, I didn't say much as I know that once they are done, they won't be bothered to touch anything after that. But I did tell them not to make too much noise as if they do, I would not be able to concentrate on the road and all of us would be knocked over and we'd all die and can no longer see all our mummies and daddies. Wahahaha.

Ching Wen on the other hand was explaining to some other child behind that this was the car that the battery had died, so I couldn't drive it yesterday. Then later he told me that he had to walk out by himself as his grandmother would not be able to recognise the car. Haha..what an interesting observation.

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