Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A blog just for my teaching reflections...

Yup....this is definitely a great way to diversify my entries according to my personality. I just looked at IreneQ's blogs. She kept almost 5 blogs up to date, with 2 remaining that she only continually updates.

Casa Del Bambino. A friend asked me why not Casa Del "Bimbo"no???

I am sure he had other thoughts in mind when he said that. Eh? *raises one eyebrow up.*

Here's why:
Casa Del Bambino: Italian for "Children's House".
Schools that were distinctively named by Dr. Maria Montessori for the pre-schools that used her approach.
She also hails as the first female Italian doctor.

Kinder Garten: German for a garden where children play in.

Guru: Malay for teacher.

Isn't it marvellous how we have adopted vocabulary from other cultures and adopted it into our English repertoire?

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