Monday, September 26, 2005

Children showing love for one another.

I have this yellow sunny air freshener in my car. It is in the shape of a door hanger, and made for hanging. As such, there is absolutely no way I can catch it onto my air cond (like the ones in the ad which was inspired by the automatic gear!). I hang it onto my car wiper stick function.(whatever u call it) beside the steering wheel.

The other day, I found an empty air freshener (same brand from inside my closet) and decided to give it to one of the two boys, Nicky & Jasper who sit with me at the front. (it's illegal in other countries, but nevermind). This is Malaysia after all!

Anyway, I decided to give the empty container (since the both of them keep taking and playing with it each time they come into my car), to one of the boy. I decided to give it to Nicky, the elder boy.

I told Nicky he could have it (he's 4 +). and Jasper (3 years). Then I told Jasper that I will give him the other one when the one in my car is empty.

Well, guess what?

Nicky decided to give the empty one to Jasper, and then he told me that he can have the one in my car when it becomes empty!
Jasper didn't know that, so he asked me if he could have the one in the car when it became empty, and Nicky told him that he's giving him the empty one and has already put it in his bag!!

What a generous hearted boy! I am sure his mother will be so proud of him! Now, wouldn't you like to have that kind of brother? They are not brothers in any way though!


Raymond said...

Kids can do wonders, they are so pure and innocent and sometimes reminding us adults how simple things can be.

humblewarrior said...

what can we say..they are'll never know what to expect

CheaYee said...

I am sure you would love to have a big brother who cares for you like that. :-)

One that you needn't ask him to do that either!

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