Friday, June 16, 2006

Play Group: Day 8

Today, well, is my last day I will be at the the Play Group in a very long time. They'll be off for 5 weeks of Winter holidays..

I read the story to them....actually, when I brought the books home yesterday, I read it once to my housemate, Justin. Then my other housemate's sister, Helen also read it.(she was doing Early Childhood in TAFE as well!) Justin started complaining coz he had to hear it twice . *LOL*.

Well, if you remember, I wrote about one of the girls, Cammie*, last Friday.

Actually, the little girl had asked me if I knew what her name was....I was pretty surprised when she said that...(as I never knew any 4 year old who had ever asked me in that way before!)

Truth be told, I couldn't remember, and I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I asked one of the other mothers! We were at the dressing up corner.

Then I went over to the collage making table and beckoned Cammie over. Which she did.
I was watching her at the table, and Cammie's mother came over to sit by us, and asked the former if she knew who I was.

Me: She's pretty observant, isn't she? Kind of knows what she wants....
I remember her asking you something about "Who is that lady, and what she doing here?" when I came.
Mother: Yeah......You've been here for 3 weeks?
Me: 2 weeks. 2 Fridays actually. (It would seem that long anyway...)
Mother: Well, last week she told me something about you..
Me: Me?.....Oh. She did? What did she say?
Mother: She said, "I like that lady. She's my friend".
Me: Woah...Ohhhh........she didn't tell me anything like that though. *LOL*

Now, isn't that the most interesting little girl you'd have ever come across? I don't think I've ever come across any 4 year old who'd have ever told me that!

*Names changed to protect the child's privacy.


naunidh said...

Hope she didnt get to know that you had ask her name :)

CheaYee said...

* Lol*

Nopz. Cammie's mother nor the girl didn't find out..!


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