Thursday, June 15, 2006

Play Group: Day 7

Well....well...Tomorrow's the last day the play group will be open
before their winter holidays start.

I will be reading them a story (or maybe 2!) tomorrow. So I borrowed
the books back to practice with it.

I spoke to WS, who also happens to be my distance course lecturer for
one of my courses in Sem 3, 2005. I said that I didn't actually know
the results for my course, except for the fact that I passed, and she
asked me to check online.

So I did, and went online earlier to check, and I saw my results. 42/
60 for the 2nd assignment.

I only barely passed the first one, and I had a hard time trying to
explain the Bronfenbrenner's Bio-Ecological Model last year, (for the
first assignment). Hmmmm.....she just said that as long as I passed
the course, it was alright.

(But not when it comes to the Grade Point Average though). *Sigh*

I took a video of WS reading to the children, and will burn her a copy of it.

Not a very happenin day today though.

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