Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A time of frustration: Science Resource

I wrote an entry a few days back where I was pretty pissed off with my Science assignment. However, it is not something I would want others to read it, as I by nature (now) do not like to talk bad about things. In particular, when I have a bad eery feeling about it.

Anyway, I went to see my Science lecturer about it today, and was complaining about my designing and creating of my Science Resource.

I was thinking of doing a Feelie/ Mystery bag, but then she said that it didn't have adequate science content. So then I went home and thought of doing something under Solids & Liquids. I was quite sceptical about that one as well, as it had safety concerns, as well as the fact that it was very teacher-controlled (or needed a teacher or some other more mature student) as the control of error.

The lecturer said that it could be an activity that could be done at the end of a unit, partly as a reinforcement, but, then I told that was not possible, since I was not doing my practical, due to the absence of my Blue Card.

Then the lecturer, Leisa, said that the assignment assumes that all students doing it would be "theoretically" engaged with some children, or practicals. Hence, she emailed the uni Play Group centre administrator today so that I could go and try out the science resource with the chldren.

Which leads to the next point. Since I do not have much time at hand, the next thing at hand would be that, the science resource would very much depend also on the ages of the children at the childcare centre at the university.

I have narrowed my options to two. One, which is to create a "touch & feel" book, or two, to create a big book, with pictures categorizing Natural & Processed Materials.

I feel that the Touch and Feel book would be much more appropriate with younger toddlers, whereas, the Big Book would be suitable for the chldren of 4 & 5 years old.
As much as I would think I would want to make a Touch and Feel book, I prefer to do the Big Book instead.

If I were to do so, I have to go around getting pictures off picture brochures from shopping malls, and also photographs (from my digital camera).

Anyway, tomorrow I will be going off to the uni PlayGroup centre to go and observe the children. As much as I would like to go and use the resource with the chldren, I think that it is best that I get a feel of how the childcare centre works, so I don't get cold feet. And yes, I dont like the idea of just going into some centre and say, "hei, can I borrow your kids for a while".

That is SO NOT me.

I like the idea of the book, as it is much more easier to work with the children in the form of a story. And yes, I am thinking of ideas of how to incorporate science learning through the usage of a story form. It's more engaging and child centred in that sense, I think.

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