Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Play Group: Day 5

Today I woke up early. Well, by definition of early, it means 7.30am
(which is the same time I wake up back in KL). Never did wake up any
earlier than that if I could possibly do.

I stayed up the night doing the report appraisal for my Science
Resource. It was not too difficult, but I hope it goes well?

Today, the children who came are mostly babies (as young as 5 months
or younger). What I observed about the younger toddlers are that they
tend to be on the shy side. It is the second day I will spend with
this group. It is different last week as it was my first day then.

However, as I have observed, and as one of the home-schooling mothers
Tania, observed, once the toddler has got to know the adult, they will
be a bit more open.

As it is, the needs of young babies and toddlers are that they will
and need to spend more time with their own parents (unless they were
in a full time childcare centre), before they are willing to go out
independently to explore on their own.

For that reason, I decided to leave the play group early, as I felt
that there was not much I could observe for today.Then I left to go to
the library to go and get some research done.

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