Friday, June 09, 2006

My Blue Card finally here....

After weeks of waiting and waiting and waiting....
Finally, my long awaited Blue Card is here! I kissed the card the moment I opened it!!!

Technically it was supposed to arrive in the middle of May, but the letter was misdirected for the first letter, with a non-existing residential housing estate on an existing street. I bet the postman must have definitely got lost halfway...Ha ha ha.

Yes, I was praying so hard for it. When I called the Blue Card Commission on Wednesday, they told me that the letter had been re-sent back to sender....(Amazingly..)
Well. I can finally get started on my practicals now. My churchmates are like saying that I can even start advertising for jobs as childcarer and stuff. Ha.

Anyway, I finally made my Science Resource. It's a book, showcasing the different Natural & Processed Materials. I showed it to WS, the administrator, as well as my lecturer, Leisa. They said it was Good.....(OH....I am so happy. He he).

I was up all Thursday night working on it. I bought all the materials on Wednesday, and was so tired by the time I got home. Then I put the papers together and went about enquiring about if there were any book binding services in the vicinity.

You would think that the staff, or the students who have been here for years and years would know.....but no. Fortunately I had the fore-sight to look the website, and I noticed that the university actually has a Printing Building. Well, you can't print and not bind, and you can't bind without something which was printed. I put the two and two together, and I guessed that (by hook or by crook), there has to be such services on the campus.

Actually, I didn't have any bright ideas what to write about. I was praying so hard for an idea to come up to my mind......and one just popped up. Well, actually a few popped up, and I was thinking of illustrating, but, cartoons are not exactly an easy way to depict natural resources to children, so I had to skip that idea. So finally, I just decided on the "butchering" catalogues which featured real pictures of objects. That looked more realistic. I also included some "touch and feel" objects in the book, so that the children could get a more realistic idea of the concepts of the natural and processed materials.....

Well, I kind of enjoy going to the Play Group centre. It's not really work, but it helps me to acclimatize to the kind of learning environment here. And it makes me wakes up earlier than normal...or else I will be sleeping in till 12pm every day.

Hei, that means I have to wake up by 7am, to cook & prepare breakfast, and pack some morning tea, and get everything packed in my backpack. The Play Group starts at 9am, so I have to be there early, and prioritize my time on when to sleep and wake up...
The first day, I was pretty shy, as I was trying to get used to the environment, and by the 3rd I was there, I started talking to all the parents who came in. They were quite interested to know that I was from Malaysia, and asked me heaps on my country.

Play Groups allow children to play with other children, and socialise with others. It also prepares the child for the concept of "school" before formally entering school.
The parents, meanwhile, take this opportunity to get to socialise with other adults. It can be once, or twice a week. Play Groups allow children to socialise with others in the presence of their parents, and using their parents as a safety net to return to. It also allows the administrator to observe the toddler's behaviour, and watch for developmental milestones.

In the Play Groups, parents play a more major role, and the adminstrator basically, well, is there as a facilitator. They also provide advice and parenting training to parents who need it.
However, once the children start attending kindergarten at the age of 4 -4.5 years onwards, the teachers play a more major role in the environment.

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