Friday, August 27, 2010

Trialling a Montessori/ECT position next week.

So, how has everyone been this week?

I had gone for an interview last week, but it wasn't a successful affair. It was just a casual position in a play based chain of childcare centres, but the failure to procure it, propelled me to be extra vigilant with the preceding one, as it was a permanent position in a centre.

For the interview, I had prepared a teaching portfolio, and was vigilant with the pre-interview answer preparations.

The centre I applied to is located an hour away, in the inner eastern suburbs. It was, if readers shouldn't be any more surprised by now, is a montessori centre. And a christian one at that.

The interviewing questions posed by the Principal was not exactly too particularly challenging, yet I know she was trying to suss out if I was going to be a match for the centre, i.e. how long would I be in Sydney, and how far the centre was, would I be willing to travel, etc.

However I was not prepared, nor in the state of mind to expect that the principal would there and then 'offer me the position' like that!

Of course, the Principal did not directly show all her cards at once, but I had seen the advertised position on the Internet for more than 8 weeks in circulation now. So I figured she in a desperate need to fill in someone for the position.

Initially, the position advertised was just a part time position with a focus on programming 'general' non montessori experiences from mid morning. Which was seriously fine by me....

However, I believe the principal was not expecting a montessori qualified/trained teacher for the general ECT applicant.

Yet due to the fact that I am montessori trained, the principal then asked me if I would consider coming in early for the montessori three hour work cycle period of the day's session.

I very much wanted to not accept it, as that meant many less hours of sleep (on a daily basis!), but the temptation of working alongside in the montessori classroom was something I had not wanted to give up...

Seriously, I would have been happy with a lower position, i.e. Montessori Directress, which does not require a degree, nor as much work.

But I had been praying for a position which would challenge my repertoire of skills, and settling for less would not be making use of my skills and knowledge that I possessed.

It had taken me more than 8 weeks, as long as the duration of the advertisement, with considerations in applying for the position being the distance required to travel for work.

Perhaps this was the position that God had prepared for me, for even with my lack of australian based centre experience, my not too particularly stellar confidence, and the fact that I had worn the wrong type of shoes to the interview (which the Principal duely noted....zzz)

At the back of my head, I can note a few reasons why I could have been offered the position.

1- She needed someone to meet the Accreditation purposes = the degree.

2- I had excellent Programming skills, analytical and academic mind, and fine with words, if you can't tell by now.

3- She could have extra help for the montessori three hour cycle period observations and teaching without needing extra time to re-train.

4- the centre has a christian ethos, and would have christian-y activities, which I share too.

5- It was predominantly a Chinese/Cantonese speaking neighbourhood, which I did, and that would help in creating rapport with the children, and their families.

I did ask the Principal for some time to ponder about trialling the position. After having heard what my mother had to say, my heart was more at ease, and I finally informed the Principal that I would be coming in next week.

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Chrys said...

Good on ya! All the best!

Oh, and you'll be fine. :)

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