Monday, August 16, 2010

Golden Rules for Teaching Manners.

Berkenkamp, L., & Atkins, Steven C. (2001) Teaching Your Children Good Manners, Nomad Press, 12, 14-15

Good manners demonstrate respect for others.

We all want our children to make a good impression, whether it's over the phone or in an introduction.

Think about this: Teaching your children proper table manners now could pay off during that crucial job interview twenty years from now, which just happens to conclude with lunch.

Good manners are good for your kids, and might even give them an advantage in life.

Golden Rules for Teaching Manners:
1. Model Good Behaviour
- Parents are children's most important role model, and your actions will speak far louder than your words. So if you talk with your mouth full, or interrupt other people, your kids will too.
Use this opportunity to pay attention to your own manners.

2. Plan for success.
- A little advance planning goes a long way toward helping your kids use good manners in social situations.

3. Have high expectations but set realistic goals.
- Don't forget that kids focus on only one or two ne ideas at a time.

4. Be Patient.
- Good manners are just good habits that are learned and practiced over a period of time.

5. Have a Sense of Humour
- Remember that honing social skills take a long time, and slip ups are inevitable. The embarrassing moments now will make funny stories in the future.

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