Monday, August 16, 2010

5 Reasons Why Your Child Won't Go To Bed.

Woolfson, Dr. Richard C (2004)'A practical guide to parenting: Why do kids do that?' Hamlyn- Octopus Publishing Group, Bedtime 64-65.

5 reasons why your child won't go to bed are:

1. Staying awake is more fun.
- the active mind of a child would rather have stimulation than passivity.

2. Life goes on when she is asleep.
-this maybe because she is convinced that everyone else in the family has a good time without her.

3. She doesn't understand the significance of sleep
- the link between her irritability and her tiredness may not be obvious to your child. That's why you need to point out the connection so that she understand why sleep matters.

4. Her bedroom is unattractive.
- if the room is too cold, too dark, or the decoration is too dull, your child won't anticipate bedtime with any enthusiasm. Her bedroom should be attractive.

5. Her mind is still racing.
- She may still be thinking about the events of the day,in and these images are so vivid and exciting that they keep her awake.

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