Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So, starting a new centre based position?

So yes, I was pretty excited/ nervous/ anxious/ all of the above about starting my new position.

Starting on a permanent centre based position as opposed to one where one is constantly on the move has its pros and cons.

Pros of centre based position:
- the opportunity to create long term relationships with the children. This includes too their families, and the surrounding school neighbourhood.
- stable work = recurring income.
- in Australia, that leads to the means to apply for the position of 'Authorised Supervisor'. Which means payment of extra allowance in additional to the normal Award Wages.
- Stability of meeting familiar faces, and the same people.
- The staff feel more compelled to include you as part of the team, and share information, from what I have experienced in the last few days.
- You feel more excited about going to work when you share the same ethos as the centre, and have friends you can have conversations in the centre you are based at.

Pros of Casual Agency Work:
- You can work when you want to, where you want, and stay home if you want to sleep in.
- You get to meet new people all the time.
- You get to see the different kinds of centres, and how they work, the different dynamics a work, and travel.

Cons of Casual Agency Work:
- Work availability may not be constant = no money = can't pay rent = stay home all the time.
- Stress from having to adapt to new contexts, remembering names ,
- You feel disconnected as part of the team, as you are viewed as 'outsider' by the centre's permanent staff. If you are lucky, you may meet really friendly staff, but that is almost rare.

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