Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2nd Trial Day: Christian Montessori Day Care.

Today was my second day of the Trial.

I forgot to mention that on my first trial day, M, the Coodinator of the school also did ask to see my certifications.

Not only did the Principal, but the second in charge person, the Coordinator wanted to see my portfolio.

Hence, I was lucky that I didn't leave my file at home as originally intended, but somehow I replaced the file back into the computer bag.

In essence, the preparation, and the availability of my Teaching Portfolio is essential when one is new to a school to assist in the 'decision making of hiring' process.

Of course, in this case, the Teaching Portfolio was personalized for a Montessori school, being a position in a Montessori centre.

She did noticed there were some lesson plans from my practicum days, which I had printed off my website.

The Coordinator was also Montessori trained, and is very particular about employing the Montessori methodology in almost all aspects of the school environment.

Eventhough the position was for that of a normal Early Childhood Teacher, which didn't necessarily require Montessori training, however having that background would and will make a lot of difference especially when applying for a position in a Montessori school.

In general, Montessori qualifications are not recognised in the traditional mainstream Australian preschools.

The centre being classified as day care, had to follow and meet the country's Accreditation needs for a day care centre, which in this case was the Australian- National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC), as well as legislation set out by the New South Wales- Department of Community Services.

Today, I had to:
- watch and help out in the setting up of the outdoor play, which takes place after the Montessori three hour period.
- watch and help out in the cleaning up, as the school doesn't employ cleaners.
- watch and help set out with the preparation for the next morning Montessori's classroom.

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