Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shift at a Brookvale centre.

Today I went in for a 9-5pm shift at Brookvale with Agent E. The centre was easy to find.

For this shift, I had to leave Rhodes by 7am. I took the bus to Brookvale from Carrington st Stand C, and arrived at the centre about 7.45am.

The day started out easy, with the 3-4 year olds. There were 16 in attendance today. Lunch was at 12.05 - 12.45 with ten mins paid.

As the children went out to play, I realised that the play of the children, especially with the boys seemed to get rowdier. Quite a number of the children (boys and girls) even showed some attitude when spoken to.

My perception of the staff at the centre is that they all seemed really busy and did not seem to catch on the verbal or non verbal cues that I had given. It was very different compared to the first centre in Penrith that I had been sent to.

I did not like that the staff in the preschool room had allowed the children to run, and as a result, some of the children knocked into each other. I didnt think they had very good ground rules for outdoor play.

I am not sure how trained the staff were, but I could see some OHS concerns. I dont agree in allowing children to wear Japanese slippers regardless of the seasons. Strapped
or velcro-strapped sandals are still acceptable though.

Some of the play equipment was placed too near the fencing, which is also a OHS concern as well.

When the permanent ECT from the preschool room came in, I mentioned this to her, but she did not seem to see this as a OHS hazard. I am quite particular in regards to OHS as this was the kind of environment I was exposed to in my previous work place.

Anyways, she (the ECT) asked me a few questions about my training and I mentioned about my Montessori
training. She was somewhat interested in it, and seemed to take a liking to me regardless of how 'dead' or 'self absorbed' the other staff seemed to be.

To end, her encouraging words were, 'You survived. Thats all that matters'.

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