Saturday, October 12, 2013

New South Wales: Working with Children Check

So to my readers, I am now back again in Sydney. 

After a month of travelling up the Northern Territories, I was supposed to end my trip in Sydney. However circumstances ask that I extend my trip longer than my initial stay here. 

In order to sustain financially my extended stay here, I have to look for a part time job. In which case, I decided that returning to my training vocation seems like a good idea.

In the last 6 months, the administration here in New South Wales has required that all staff being newly employed in the Childcare industry are to apply for a Working With Children Check, similar to their counterparts in the other states. The difference however is that a card would not be provided, like what they do for the states of Queensland and Victoria. 

I do believe they will send a notice or statement with an applicant number. This number will need to be quoted when applying for employment or volunteering services with children. 

The charges? 80AUD!

 I don't think it's cheap... But I guess that may deter a lot of people who would initially want to work with children... And the govt's way of making more money. Sigh.

They have also introduced the EYLF Early  Years Learning Framework. I do believe Queensland had something like this when I was doing my uni studies in 2006. I need to check it out if its the same.


Chrys said...

The EYLF is the same throughout the country and nothing is cheap in this country, these days.

And welcome back to Sydney. Haha! Yes, I can meet up but when and where? I'm busy all the time so I think it's better that you suggest when and where and I'll try my best to accommodate.

I'm still based at Macquarie Uni, if it makes thinking a little easier. :)

CheaYee said...

Hi... Been busy looking for a place to stay.

How's ur studies? You should probably be graduating soon, I am guessing?

Chrys said...

Have you found a place to stay? Where are you at now?

I'm only submitting my thesis next year, which means that graduation won't be till 2015. Memang the plan anyway. Haha! Are you on FB? Maybe can add you and keep in touch there? Easier that way :)

CheaYee said...

currently been to a few places.... But still staying in Rhodes. my email for fb is cheayee at gmail dot com

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