Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Preschool shift at Mosman

Today I went for a 8- 3.30pm shift at this preschool in Mosman. The preschool was managed by a non for profit association.

It was a most interesting shift as the experience was the most different from the last two centres I went to, and very different from the centre where I last held a permanent position near Beverly

The Cert3 Assistant, and who is now doing her 2nd year of a BED (Primary School) part time, was very well informed and a very capable teacher.

She was able to answer the questions I asked her, and had a very open mind in managing and disciplining children.

The experience today basically proved that no matter what sentiments my ex boss had about children having a run outdoors was, it was not going to hurt if they had a fall as that was how they learnt.

I also observed that the children also helped to pack away indoors with the teachers just assisting. Group times was good too as the children enjoyed waiting patiently and quietly and it was pleasant reading a book to them.

Last but no least, there was not much administrative or cleaning duties. This basically took up the bulk of my work previously. Perhaps the only work was the curriculum planning, the prparation
for the art activities, and some general cleaning.

I also liked the fact that the centre was willing to bring in casual staff from the agency for RDOs or sickies, as it really gives the staff the rest they need as when they need to, instead of overworking staff on a weekly

As much as I love the Montessori philosophy, I believe there must be a balance of reality, practicality, and imagination to make work bearable, enjoyable and most importantly pleasant to wake up to everyday.

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