Thursday, October 24, 2013

First assignment in Penrith

Today I finally decided to take up an assignment with Agent E. I was not sure initially whether to take it, as it was all the way in Penrith. 

However, staying home all day and reading all the books on theories
was not going to help me with procuring the kind of work I wanted to. So I took it.

It was also a full day shift, 9-5 pm. This morning I had to be at the Rhodes station by 6.44am. I had to transit over to the Blue Mountain Line at Strathfield station, and reached Penrith at roughly 7.40am.

I bought a coffee, and a bacon egg and roll (aud4.50) Then I had to take a local bus to Cranebrook, which is Bus 2 one ticket equivalent, at about 8.14am, which was closer to the centre in walking distance.

The centre was a long day care centre, with before and after hours services. It had quite a number of staff away, so that explained why I had to cover a full day shift.

So far, I think I did pretty well at the centre. The staff seemed pretty easygoing. I managed to work with the children, both the preschoolers from two different rooms.

It was pretty full on as it was full attendance today, with 22 kids in.

By the time I had lunch, it was 1.20 pm, of which 10 mins was paid for, and 30 mins was unpaid. I finished lunch at 2pm. I was pretty much exhausted by around lunch time... Heh.

It was also the first time I worked at a centre which provided after school hours services (up to Year 6 students). I was surprised to see older students in a daycare. I later realised that another daycare centre nearby too provided after hours services.

Apparently by law, children in Year 6 are not allowed to stay home alone, and hence most centres with after school hours provided a school van for pick up services.

Anyways, I took the bus back to Penrith Interchange at half past, near the daycare centre. There was no official bus stand, although there was a notice for 'bus zone' in front of the school. Just for your information, as I wasnt sure where to catch the bus home either.

It was nice to take a ride around the city of Cranebrook, which had a likely beautiful lake, and spacious grounds.

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Chrys said...

Whoa, all the way to Penrith? That's far!

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