Monday, October 25, 2010

More Things To Come >_<

So I spoke to the Coordinator today. She did raise her voice, etc etc and became cross, but she calmed down rather quickly.

I also informed her about my situation, which she brought up in the meeting, thankfully.
However I must say that the staff will always protect their own clique.

I know what they said, and I can attest to it, but when two parties team together, how does one resolve that issue?

Well, anyways, one of the teachers in the Montessori classroom will be going away till after Christmas.

Hence for the mean time, the Director has decided to 'temporarily' shift my position to helping out in the classroom till another staff person is made available. I am not sure which, or how. >_<

I am not sure how a solution to that scenario will be made as I currently have my hands full with just the Accreditation programming. >_<

Let's just hope everything works out for the best.

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1 comment:

Chrys said...

workplace politics, ey? sigh.. all the best, girl...

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