Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Overcoming Difficulties.

I have come to that point and stage where I finally have to initiate and make contact proper with not just children or staff, but parents as well.

This is the beginning of my 8th week, and there are more new responsibilities each week.

It is one thing to write the programming, especially when your work will only be assessed by accreditation, but not parents when you are not considered the 'main teacher'.

My mate says starting from the position of an assistant is a good way of winging it, and gaining experience, but at the same time being paid a professional's wages. Well, we shall see.

Sometimes there are difficulties that we find hard to overcome. Taking the first step to overcome it is really the hardest part initially, but that is it...

Getting started.

I pray the Lord will use my weaknesses, and transform them into strengths, that all who see will marvel and know that it is the work of the Lord. Amen.

-- Sent from my Nokia E71.

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