Monday, October 25, 2010

When Ignorance Is Bliss.

So my weekend went like the blink of an eye.

The fact that I am posting this from my mobile phone points to my lack of blogging time at home.

One of the Assistants were away, so the rest of the other Assistants had to stay back for the whole day two weeks in a row.

Having been through it, the only word to describe it is 'exhausting.'

Been in possession of a Melancholic temperament, the only thing I fret about was the completion of my paperwork.

Due to lack of time, and sheer exhaustion, my brain has been on a high dopamine state of mind for the past weekend. My body is physically present, but my mind wasn't.

Melancholics seem to thrive on using lists, and that includes completing every single (paid) task on the list!

Do we actually do that??? That really sounds scary...

How I wish I was a Sanguine... They thrive on more talk than paperwork.

Ah..... Ignorance is Truly Bliss.

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