Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm? >_<

The last two days has been strangely serene at work. Granted, it made going to work much better.
I was involved in a conflict with a much younger colleague, which thankfully managed to be resolved.
This particular colleague wanted to involve the Director in the conflict, but wisely, the latter decided to stay out of it.
In the course of looking for a solution to resolving the issue, I had a feeling that CT had the thought cross through her mind that perhaps she should have kept her mouth shut in not having brought it to the attention of the Director, as she had to then write up a nice long note on it to be presented to the latter. Hah!
The conflict actually led to better things, which I did not foresee would happen in that manner. Heh... ^^
This colleague, CT, actually began to open up, and display a bit more tolerance in our interactions.
I'll be praying for more godly intervention till I am sure that the storms have passed. One can never remain too self assured, as that leads only to trouble!
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