Friday, April 04, 2008

IELTS Test Report back!

As said, I have just received in the mail my IELTS Test Report. Since I am so proud of the time & effort I have put in for my scores, I will put it up for all to see! I could tell that everyone was so happy for me.

Just for the uninformed, IELTS is an English Skill Testing that tests the candidates in four areas, namely Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing. It comes in two formats, Academic (for those who aspire to further their education in tertiary level) and General Testing (mostly for employment & migration purposes).

Do not think for one moment I did not put in the time & effort to study for it. I did, and with lots of prayers from friends & God's grace. I had to register for the Academic for lack of options available, but do not try this yourself if you know that the General Testing format would be a wiser choice as that is all that is required for migration & employment purposes.

The scores are drumroll, *dum dum dum*
IELTS Academic:
Listening Score : 7.5
Reading Score : 8.5
Speaking Score : 8
Writing Score : 7.5
Overall IELTS Score : 8


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The Author said...

i think is rather good marks ^^

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