Saturday, April 12, 2008

Near Chatswood: Observation in a chain-childcare centre

Last week, I was assigned to a centre in Chatswood as an Early Childhood Teacher. The centre was quite a distance from the CBD, and took about 45 minutes of travel time. Being assigned in the position as an Early Childhood Teacher would mean to say that the person assigned holds the qualification of a 3-year Teaching degree to be employed in a childcare centre, or preschool.

Even as casuals, we are able too to observe the "unspoken" setup of the centre, if assigned for a one-week block .This blog entry is specifically written about this centre near Chatswood I was assigned to.

The teaching materials were the same for the entire one week. Although it is structured differently in the classroom learning program diary as different teachings on different days. It is no wonder why the children were totally not focused and restless!

I could observe that the activities planned were just not attractive or interesting enough to keep the children's attention! In this case, the whole set-up of the class programming just did not seem to cut it, or was the right fit for the children at that centre

On consultation with my previous employer, she suggested that I could create some Montessori activities for the children to work with from the materials and learning programme that was written in the class programme.  That would be viable as I had been booked for a week basis in that centre.

I am not sure how, but it definitely seems like a good idea. It would definitely show a lot of initiative on my part, as the class programming was really beginning to get on me!

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