Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Zealand: Montessori Teaching Positions

Although the webpage is a bit backdated (it was last updated in in 2001!), Steve Lee still has some good advice for Montessori trained teachers who would like to find work in New Zealand. On his site he talks about the "Catch 22" of applying for the employment process, so have a read & think of it before you decide if you want to go to NZ (or Australia for that matter, since both countries are almost similar!)

It seems that as early as 2001, teachers in NZ who want to teach in primary/secondary schools have to in their hand, possess a university/tertiary qualification. (Whether it is now a 3 or 4 year qualification, I do not know for NZ). Primary teacher qualifications had to be assessed by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).

Steve Lee's advice includes:
- prospective candidates to come to NZ on a visitor's visa.
- if the candidate's English (accent) is acceptable, and if they also have good teacher skills and a good personality, it would be guaranteed that they could find a job.
- A more affordable alternative would be to send a professionally made video of the teacher, including an interview and teaching methods.
His opinion is that it would be difficult for the teachers from (from other non-English speaking countries / Eastern / Asian) teacher to be appointed without the NZ principal and school board actually seeing and/or speaking with the teacher first.

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