Thursday, April 17, 2008

"You just have to GET- OUT- THERE ! "

My predictions came true. Agent C. texted me this morning to "ensure that the centre has informed me that my shift has been cancelled".

When she called later to ask me to go for another shift (you mean another one so soon?), I asked her to tell me what transpired and she informed me that they had been informed the day before. My agent was surprised that the director didn't personally inform me that I would not be coming in today, as she would normally do.

Of course you can only guess what was running through my mind when I received the text this morning. I knew that the Director was already on a rampage last night, and was already half expecting that my shift would most likely be dismissed.

When I told my agent that, *surprise, surprise*.... she just dismissed the whole incident saying, "remember when you first attended the orientation interview, I told you guys that these are some of the things that will happen. There WILL be PERSONALITY CLASHES. You just need more experience. You JUST need to GET OUT there."

*Ok, point taken*.

When I told her I was not sure if I was ready to go out for another shift, she then told me she would give me 5 minutes to calm my emotions down. Ok fine, I had to make a decision. I could sit at home & muck, or I could go out to work for the next two days to make it a learning & productive experience for me.

The five turned to twenty.

Then she called me back.
Her: So, are you going or not?"
Me: Yes, I am.
Her: Okay, I will send you the details.

*Phone clicks dead*

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