Thursday, December 29, 2016

Announcement: Charis Tree Family Day Care

Alas, sorry I've been away since Oct .. but with good reason.

As of date, I've applied to South West Childcare to start my family day care as an educator.
- attended two interviews,
- attended two induction trainings to learn about Centrelink, CCB, CCR,
- had two inspections in my home
- signed the contract to be an educator.
- applied to ASIC (Australian Securities & Investment Commissions) for my own legal business name
- started a new business transaction account with Commbank.

Now I just need to start advertising and promotions, and then I can start earning $$$

So what's the name of my family day care?

I applied to ASIC to apply to legalise the usage of the name "Charis Tree Family Day Care".
To visit my business site, the links are below:


As a sole trader, I can choose to trade using either my own name, or another name. However in order to do, and prevent others from using the same name, I had to have it registered with ASIC.

A three year registration for a legal business name costs 80 Dollars, and is valid for three years.

After the registration with ASIC, I then proceeded to Commonwealth Bank to open a new business account with the same name. In that way, payments can be made to the business name.

Why would I choose to pay money to legalise the use of a business name, as opposed to having it cheap and just use my own name so it can be free?

In business, one's name does not really matter. But rather, the brand does. 

Also, expenses for the business whether as a sole trader, or limited company is tax deductible. 

I do not believe it is good to skimp on what is necessary in building a brand, if you know how to manage it. 

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