Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Book Review: When the Lion of Judah roars

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This is a book written by a christian faith based author. I found this book When The Lion Roars on Kindle last night.

It is the story of a mother, Rebecca Clayton in England, who has three young children who had ADD, food allergies, as well as autism. This book details the challenges she faced, and how she overcomed these challenges through her Christian faith. 
People in the secular world may scoff at the existence of the supernatural, but in South East Asia, we have grown up in a lifestyle that acknowledges the presence of the supernatural, alters, numerology as well as spirits.

I have posted this story up as it relates to the topic of children's health these days. Although the danger of issues like influenza, or whopping coughs no longer exist, issues like food allergies, ADD, ADHD seems to be rampant now. Issues which we start to think of as "normal".

This mother, Rebecca Clayton who is a Christian believer shares her testimony of the healing of her  three children from ADD/ADHD, food allergies, wheat intolerance, as well as her own healing of back pain. 

Rebecca came to the Christian faith after the naming ceremony of her third child. She shares how she became delivered of her back pain she has had for 10 years. This was later followed by her eldest daughter, Jemima, who was later healed of wheat intolerance.

Her second daughter, Eliza then gets delivered from a diagnosis of ADD she was suspected of.
Finally, her son, Anthony, was delivered from ADD, as well as autism. 

All three children became delivered from their food allergies. They were all delivered from their ailments in stages, so that there would be a record of their ailment over the years. Anthony now no longer has to take Methylphenidate, which is his medication for ADD.

In all four cases of healing and deliverance, the author Rebecca have found that the cause of the ailments, and issues were supernatural, and of evil spirits.

The author has written this book to perhaps ask the readers this question:

Do you think the ailments we have suffered this many years are just purely physical, or did they have a supernatural element which we were ignorant to these many years? 

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