Sunday, October 09, 2016

Going independent for my childcare business.

Just watching this Franchise Show on Channel 7.

About two months ago, I had attended the franchising expo in Melbourne Exhibition Centre. They had a childcare franchise from Malaysia as one of the participants.

I thought to myself, should I ever want to started a childcare related business in Melbourne, I would indeed start my own, write my own curriculum and use the capital to buy the learning equipment and teaching resources that I had sourced myself.

It would not be a rational decision to pay foreign  company (never mind that I'm from Malaysia) when I've been working in the local industry of the country I am living in as I have a better understanding of the context. 

Hence, I then decided to put in an application to a local Family Day Care scheme. I had just finished my interview with two of their Coordinators. 

Later on the same day of the interview, the coordinators informed me that they will come to my house in Truganina for a physical inspection. I have since arranged for them to come in tomorrow on Monday morning. Two fingers crossed and all the best!

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