Thursday, December 22, 2005

What is Event Based Play Approach?

Text taken from Dockett, S, & Fleer, M (1999), Play and Pedagogy in Early Childhood: Bending the Rules, Australia: Harcourt Brace.

Event Based Approach:

Perry (1995) The children's ideas are central to an event-based approach. They are encouraged to re-create the events they have experienced. They develop their own play contexts by using open-ended materials provided by the teacher.

Yukiko: the role of the teacher is extremely important. The teacher needs to co-ordinate the variety of play themes, in terms of space use, resource needs and play entry and development .
Professionals have many opportunities to observe how children play. Since the focus of the play is determined by the children, themes can be both broad & extended over time, alowing a range of play skills to be observed. Planning for children's development is based upon these observations. (Fleer, 1997).

The children are grouped together at the begining of the session to discuss their ideas. They are
grouped together at the beginning of the session to discuss their ideas. They are actively encouraged to invite other chidlren to help them in their play.

After much discussion, the children create their play spaces, firstly by establishing a boundary. At the end of the session, the chidlren tidy up but do not pack away.

On the following day, at group time, the children will reflect upon their progress.The teacher will sensitively extend, assist & introduce new materials in order to support children's play.

Features of event based programs:
1. Play scripts are initiated by children.
2. Direction of play controlled by children.
3. They are not given prescriptive resources (such as hairdressing box).
4. Materials are open-ended.
5. Group times: children talk through what they would like to do and inviting others to join them.
6. Role of teacher: Only to help children organise play spaces, analyse & facilitate play.

The planning outcomes relate to developing children's ability to play together effectively, to use & organise resources, to support their play & to explore cognitive ideas within the context of their own playscripts.

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