Saturday, December 17, 2005

Persistency is the Key: Be bold to ask.

I think that all of us would be guilty of it to a certain extent. Sometimes, when we are knowledgable in one area of knowledge, or expertise, we tend to act all 'high & might' and expect others to understand it too. Too "puffed up" in other words.

However, many of us fail to realise that there are others who are not looking at the same matter in the same perspective as we do, who may have never been exposed to the same matter as well. When they raise a question, or a question (which may seem SO OBVIOUS to us), they might be derided for asking such a basic question, or, the teacher/lecturer may give a response which seems to give the student the impression that they "should already know".

In my opinion, if I have to speak a second language (or use big words, or whatever), and a friend keeps asking me a million questions on it, (which I know is bad, but I JUST dont feel like answering anything that moment, and i knw by experience what to expect), I'd rather keep quiet and pretend I don't know what it is about.

Otherwise I'll pretend I had never heard of it, and only later reveal that I actually do know about it (but not necessarily to them), but it's just that I want to avoid competing, so that they can SHINE IN THE GLORY of their own knowledge, as that is WHAT THEY WANT ler.
(Anyway, if I really know something, it would show much later on, and there is no need to prove yourself through competing anyway).

Now, *back to the original topic...since I have digressed...*

I remember, when I was in Pre-U, a classmate of ours asked so many questions that she was given the label "verbal diarrhoea" by our New Zealander Economics lecture, Mike Naylor. The other classmates complained that she asked even the simplest questions, ones that they would not have bothered asking..... Nonetheless, this didn't deter from continually asking more questions. In the end, guess what?

She got straight As for Pre-U. Well, I don't know if this was an exception or if it was by chance a coincidence. But then again, she was already a recepient for full scholarship during the Pre-U programme....(so what can I say?).

What can I say? I say, KEEP ON ASKING QUESTIONs. Who cares what other people think ler. You pay to study. So you BE THE SMART ONE. Go and ask all the questions you need answers to. If the others dont want to know, that's THEIR Problem lar. (at least the lecturer will give you credit for the fact you are one of those students who are PAYING ATTENTION & IS INTERESTED in what HE has to say anyway!).

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